Thoughts In Solitude

By | Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

2 Poems

Thoughts wet and warm in solitude–
For mind has a trip down memory lane.
Heart pumps up the moments
In wavy flows of emotions
Feelings pour dampening the eye-wall,
As tears leak through the misty roof.

Palms wipe them off, the red clots
And hanky in hands hides the moisture
Under the layers of its folds
While smiles peep through the beads
Sliding their wavy blinder
Against the fluttering window–
Lo, grief retreats down memory lane
After it hugs the joy in my sighing heart.

Behold! Joy pops out naked of the closet
Casting off aside the old painful garb.
Eyes have a free soul meeting
With fleeting glimpse of the beauty
In a glamorous and gorgeous attire.
To the love it gives some sparks of fire.

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