Love Beyond Love

By | Adnan Shafi

4 Poems

O what a graceful efficacy it has on me
To love forever into the heart of
your adoration! Ah, but dearest love,
Like lives, are finished, as life has ends !still
It is enticing when love is there and
the lover is there,

To sit in the dreams of my love,
and to dream of your sweet habits! As if you
were the flower and me, the smell,
I enter it and reply to all your queries, in love
Isn’t this sweet love in between you and I?
Aren’t my audacity bigger than our sweet love?

Aren’t we a couple of love?
What glues our hearts together?
O, love! O, love!
I love what we are?
Is happiness in me or in you?
Once we walked in the garden of
flowers and you said, “There is a
flower, the symbol of our love’
Inside the garden, I asked “Allow me
to sit in one of the benches, in the sunlight,

Allow me to love you gently
Till my death”
In the garden, where, like pigeons
chirping the whole day, their alluring tone
I feel so romantic, so breezed, so
revitalized, still so enthralling
Not like any pickle coming over it
I’d love to be how you are,
as if the world were cruel some and
people were harsh

Until death comes,
I keep loving you days and nights,
months and years,

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