God’s Dream First Poetry by Ayushman Jamwal

By | Ayushman Jamwal

6 Poems

There he goes riding past,
Where the bravest would come to dust,
There he goes across miles of desert,
To reach the elixir and quench the thirst.There he rides trampling,
All evil and pain,
There he walks among the hungry,
Wiping off their faces, misery’s stain.There he flies into the crying winds,
Spreading the message of peace,
There he treads, reaping the line,
Where unity would cease.

There he stands on the basalt shores,
Challenging the lord like the sea,
There he smiles victoriously,
Showered with heavenly debris.

His might moves the world through time,
His footsteps spring life,
He seeks the stars for immortality,
On the steps of sacrifice.

And the earth echoed majestically,
Questioning his identity,
He caressed it lovingly,
But roared at its audacity.

He answered,

“When hope turns dark,
I will bring the sun to light it,
I shall guide, protect thee,
For I am the human spirit.”

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