Indian Summer

The map of India burns with flames of passion when fire is set against mid-day. You search the… Read More

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He furtively glanced into her eyes. And saw the myriad nuances of her Universe. Enamoured satellites revolving around… Read More

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The something we had turned to nothing too fast, We were too busy in ourselves for it to… Read More

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Thoughts In Solitude

Thoughts wet and warm in solitude-- For mind has a trip down memory lane. Heart pumps up the… Read More

By | Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar | 26th Jun 2019Leave a Comment

A poem right now!

Yes I can write a poem right now, Without a pen I wonder how? The words are streaming,… Read More

By | Praveen Lohani | 1st Jun 2019Leave a Comment

Rosary of Sonnets

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