The shadow stretches on the veranda, looms large at your door. The dusk. You look upon the void… Read More

By | Vihang A. Naik | 18th Jul 2019Leave a Comment

Storms and Pale Leaves of Grief

Storms of heavy hail swarm Every door of life Under the floating clouds But stones as a doorstep… Read More

By | Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar | 18th Jul 2019Leave a Comment


Whilst my journey to heaven, I met a child named life, who made a confession- for how she… Read More

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There is a difference between being in love and being a lover. A differernce of charm a difference… Read More

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Indian Summer

The map of India burns with flames of passion when fire is set against mid-day. You search the… Read More

By | Vihang A. Naik | 26th Jun 2019Leave a Comment

Rosary of Sonnets

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