I’m held at gunpoint and asked to kneel before their ideals. A carcass of dreams sits at my… Read More

By | Pratishtha Khattar | 17th Aug 2019Leave a Comment


A treasure trove, for an ineffable mother, I love thee only, -thou art seraphic soul, Alas! The world… Read More

By | Adnan Shafi | 17th Aug 2019Leave a Comment

City behind the Clouds

Do you know of the City behind the clouds? Where golden waters fly in the sun of night… Read More

By | Poulomi Bose | 23rd Jul 2019Leave a Comment


That day I heard teasing laughter of destiny mimicking our ignorance and thought process-- Destiny questioned our thoughts… Read More

By | Manoj Krishna Sanyal | 22nd Jul 2019Leave a Comment

You are my World

One day God came down to earth To test and bless people like us It was a huge… Read More

By | Anshu Pal | 22nd Jul 2019Leave a Comment

Rosary of Sonnets

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