Artist’s Circle

Art speaks where words are unable to express.

– Threadless Artist Mathiole

Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust welcomes you to ARTIST’S CIRCLE – a one-of-a-kind virtual art gallery! ARTIST’S CIRCLE is a unifying platform for artists across the globe to converge, engage and inspire fellow artists and amateurs. As multifaceted as art is, Artist’s Circle brings together artists of all genres to share, explore and connect via myriad forms of art. It is an online forum to showcase the works of artists in various categories of art including but not limited to visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture), graphic art (design), plastic art (sculpture, modeling), decorative art (enamelwork, furniture design, mosaic), performing art (theatre, dance, music), literature (poetry, drama, story), photography and more.

Artist in Spotlight

Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal

Mission & Vision

Art inspires, art conspires. Art evokes feelings, art provokes imagination. The real purpose of art is to stimulate thinking. Art offers an escape from the drudgeries of life; it provides a balm to tormented souls. Art therapy fosters healing and mental well-being. Artist’s Circle aims to showcase the extraordinary works of artists across the globe, while promising to inspire, heal, stimulate and glide you through flights of fantasy and realism. This is an art appreciation community where every artist’s journey will seek to inspire, encourage and kindle other artists to explore uncharted vistas. For art is the journey of a free soul!


Artist’s Circle Talk Show

ARTIST’S CIRCLE TALK SHOW is an EXCLUSIVE LIVE SHOW with one ARTIST IN SPOTLIGHT. Renowned artists share their expertise, experience, artistic journey and display their exclusive art work with the world! This is a unique platform to inspire, enamour & connect with fellow artists!

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Our Inspiration

Kunwar Viyogi

Kunwar Viyogi is a National Award winning poet, writer & thinker who wrote extensively in Dogri, English, Urdu and Hindi. A writer par excellence, he is credited with penning more than 1000 sonnets in English and Dogri. Known as ‘Father of Sonnets’, his most unique and path breaking contribution is exposing Dogri literature to the lyrical melody and disciplined form of Sonnets, a relatively new and unexplored genre for regional poets. From a very young age, he had a keen interest in the arts and exhibited a fine eye for detail. Established in his memory, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is an amalgamation of various academic, cultural, artistic, technological and social endeavors to revive, preserve and promote the Dogri language. The Trust offers scholarships at the University level to promote young talent through Art Innovation and literary awards and creates multiple showcases to help youth nurture and bring their talent to the world. Through innovation in Entertainment, Dogri couplets, English sonnets, verses and ghazals are converted into music videos to engage young minds into adopting the language & creating multiple interpretations.

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